Product Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer

Warning. Serious injury could occur if these instructions and precautions are not observed.
1. Read and understand warning labels and user manual prior to exercise. Obtain instructions prior to use. Use the yoga wheel at your own risk.
2. Only use the yoga wheel on a firm flat surface.
3. Before starting any workout, exercise, yoga or stretching program, consult with your doctor. If any discomfort should result from your use of this product, stop exercising and consult your doctor.
4. Before each use, please inspect the yoga wheel to ensure that it is in good working order. Do not attempt to use the yoga wheel if it appears to be damaged.
5. Use the yoga wheel only for the intended use. Do not attempt to modify the yoga wheel.
6. Do not use the yoga wheel if you have or have had osteoporosis, a recent whiplash injury, a recent spinal surgery, spinal fusion or bone cancer.
7. Exercise caution and consult with your doctor prior to using the yoga wheel if you are pregnant or believe you may be pregnant, have
given birth within the previous six months, have previously had whiplash or spinal surgery, or if you have osteopenia.
8. Do not use the yoga wheel around small children or pets that may interrupt your stretching or exercise adversely.
9. Those unfamiliar with the yoga wheel may wish to consult with a yoga instructor prior to use. Injury may result if proper form is not used for exercise and stretching with the yoga wheel.
10. Store in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight.  Do not pierce with sharp objects. Pat dry with a towel after use.